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Who We Are

We are eye care professionals dedicated to delivering the best eye care possible.

What We Do

We prevent eye disease by early detection of acute eye debilitating diseases.

We diagnose, manage and treat ocular disorders, dispense glasses and contact lenses, and give vision therapy to people with binocular vision anomalies.

Why Choose Us

At FAITH EYE-Q we are concerned about your overall eye health and well being.

Where to Find Us

Our office is strategically located at No 5 NNPC Road, Ejigbo, Lagos, Nigeria.

FATH EYE-Q is an ultra modern eye care clinic based in Lagos, Nigeria. The clinic has qualified doctors ready to work to help prevent, diagnose and treat any form of visual defect.

FAITH EYE-Q has treated over 1.2 million patients within a period of three years of it’s existence. We are passionate and committed in bringing solutions to people who are visually impaired.

Our scope of services is spanned from preventing eye diseases to early detection of serious eye debilitating disease, we diagnose, manage and treat disorders of the eye, dispense optical and contact lens and we do vision therapy for people with albinism, strabismus etc.

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It is difficult to perform your daily activities comfortably when you can’t see clearly or when your eyes are uncomfortable.

Life is already full of challenges. Don’t let a blurry and uncomfortable vision add to the stress. Let our team of experienced, trusted and caring eye doctors help you see better today.

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We care about how well our patients see and look In their eyewear. So, we offer a range of eyeglasses and contact lenses to meet different needs and styles.

We have;

  • Numerous frames that suit your individual needs and life style.
  • Original eyeglass frames such as Carolina Lemke, police, Jonathan Adler, Carrera, Republica, Gentle Monster, Ray Ban, Dior, Fendi, Fusion Stepper, Vermari and many more.
  • Assorted eyeglass frames for kids.
  • Good quality lenses including single vision lenses, bifocals and progressive lenses.
  • Digital eyeglasses and blue-light blocking eyeglasses.
  • Daily and monthly contact lenses with lens care solution.
  • Eyewear accessories such as liquid lens cleaner, rope, chain, storage case, contact lens sterilizer, contact lens solution, frame screw kit, and many more
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