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Faith Eye-Q ...better eyes for a better life...

Eye ? defect is a public health challenge because globally it has been estimated that approximately 2.2 billion people live with some form of vision impairment.
In every 1billion people with vision impairment, 88.4 million have refractive errors, 94million have cataract, 7.7million have glaucoma, 4.2million have corneal opacity, 3.9million have diabetic retinopathy, 2million have trachoma, and 826million have unaddressed presbyopia.
These group of people could be among the workforce of your organization, most times unknown to some of them. These visual defects affected them in every aspect of their life including education, employment, and safety which is based on their geographical location, accessibility to health care facilities and their economic status.
As an employer of labour the general health of your employees especially their eye ? health need to be at its optimal intensity for your organization to remain competitive in the market place.
Thanks to GOKADA for entrusting the eyes of their staffs in FAITH EYE – Q .
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