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Reliable Eye Care Professional Treatment

My wife told me she found an eye care center. And an eye doctor near me. She said it’s the kind of eye clinic I’d like to visit.

At first, I was skeptical of what she told me. Because of what I had previously experienced with a few other eye clinics I had used in Lagos, Nigeria, in the past.

Surprisingly, when I visited Faith Eye-Q, the optometrist, Dr Mrs Alaoma, gave me a genuine eye care professional treatment. And the reception I got, starting from the front desk, was simply awesome.

The eye doctor took her time to attend to me properly, checking my eyes, and asking me some questions related to my eyesight.

After my sight was tested, there was one particular lens which I really prefered and which I felt was the best option for my vision. But after the optometrist, Dr Mrs Alaoma, asked me a couple of questions, the eye doctor said that those lenses which I liked would cause me migraines after some use.

And when I asked her why it is so, she said that because of my age those particular lenses would not be the right prescription lenses for me.

More so, I didn’t hesitate to ask questions about a few things which I did not understand. And the eye care professional took her time to explain to me, with practical examples, as to how the eyes function, alongside with each particular lens and how they work with the human eye. And aid in correcting astigmatism, a common imperfection in the eye’s curvature.

Faith Eye-Q is stocked with some pretty cool eye wear. And some fantastic eye glasses. And I picked one of them. They even stock bluelight glasses with top notch polarized lenses. Like the crizal range of lenses which safeguards sensitive eyes like mine by blocking harmful blue light emitted from computer screens, phones and tablets, and also from ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun.

So far, I am enjoying my new lenses and my equally cool frames. And I highly recommend Faith Eye-Q for they are faithful to the ethics of their profession.

I am happy my wife discovered this eye care center. Because Faith Eye-Q gave me a far better sight experience than the other eye clinic which I have been to before.

Philemon Okpara